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Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching: What our clients say

I have benefited from Cindy’s coaching because it keeps me focused on my overall health goal. It has made me more aware of the things I want to accomplish and become. I’ve lost some weight and kept it off, and now I have joined a gym, thanks to the wellness coaching. 

Myra Harper Miss Myra’s Pit Bar B-Q Birmingham, AL

Watch her full testimonial here.

As a busy entrepreneur who travels often, the laser-focused coaching with Cindy Hodo gave me insight that having positive family experiences and relationships are as important to me as the success of my business. I have experienced better work-life balance by applying some of the brainstorming ideas generated with just one coaching session.

Jegil Dugger VP Operations, Juke Birmingham, AL

While looking towards my future I had set some small goals. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a health & wellness coach or from myself, I just knew I needed to take steps forward and be accountable for those steps. In the middle of our three-month coaching series, I had a career option open and we then had to switch gears completely. Cindy Hodo was available and to me as a confidant and trusted person and was accommodating to the new path I set for myself. It was so valuable to me to have someone who heard my needs and agenda. While family and friends advise with the best of intentions they have their own experience and wants. Cindy regularly reminded me of things I had said and values I had talked about in our early sessions.  This was vital in making my final choice and ultimately to my great, new job!

I look forward to new sessions when the time comes. 

K. Byram Salt Lake City, UT

Is health coaching for you? Forward momentum for realistic sustainable change through client-determined action are some elements of the coaching-client partnership.

About Quest

With over 23 years of service to our clients, Quest Group began as a boutique advertising agency. Integrity, creativity and solid client relations are hallmarks of Quest Group. Led by founding partner Cindy Hodo, today our talented professional team ranges from baby boomers to millennials located across the United States.

In 2018 Quest Group launched Quest Integrative Health Coaching. Founder, Cindy Hodo is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Hodo is also certified by Duke Integrative Medicine as a Professional Integrative Health Coach.  Striving to  maintain a healthy lifestyle as a busy entrepreneur coupled with a life-changing accident and the sudden loss of her son led Hodo to the field of health and wellness coaching.

She has over seven years’ experience as a consultant in the health and beauty industry.

Quest coaching services and packages are available to businesses for executive and employee health coaching and to individuals. Coaching sessions may be held via phone, web video or in-person depending upon the client’s needs and locations. Hodo is also available to speak to groups and organizations.

What’s Next?

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It is our hope and intention that this episode may help others move forward in their journey after loss. Special thanks to Blind Melon for permission to use their song “Change” in the show intro.

Due to the authenticity of this interview, there are some noise distractions. Headphones are recommended, especially if you have little ones around. Click here to watch the full interview.

Quest Group exceeded our expectations with our I BankFirst branding campaign creative and production. Our Who We Are company video as proven to be extremely effective. The creative concept, script writing and final production in addition to on-time delivery is why Quest Group remains a key strategic marketing partner with BankFirst.

Executive Vice President/Chief Retail & Operations Officer
BankFirst Financial Services


Cindy Hodo